Hallowell, Maine

Family Involvement

RFC LLC operates with an open door policy, where parents and families are welcome into the center at anytime. Parent participations send a strong and positive message to your child that you support them and are part of the childcare environment.

There are many levels of parent participation and we appreciate that time is of a premium for all parents, but we will be willing to accommodate any form of involvement that you feel you are able to contribute.

Forms of involvement are but are not limited to:

  • Attend special functions or outing with the childcare
  • Volunteer time
  • Suggestions for programming
  • Feedback of service
  • Attend parent/ teacher nights

Siblings are always welcome at RFC LLC when children that are enrolled are being picked up or dropped off, however, the staff can’t assume responsibility for them.

Field trips and outings:

Are planned out in advance, I will send home field trip permission slips for parents to sign. Outings will be short walks that will be spur of the moment, I will post where we went on my front entrance door. Outings also may be doing some errands, which I will ask the parents in advance to take their children in my car. I will also need car seats; I have current insurance and a driver’s license available for you too see as well as seat belts in every seat.

I will plan field trips age appropriate for the children. Help may be needed when transporting children to and from destinations. This is a good opportunity to spend time with your child/ren and to do something fun with them.

Possible trips are as follows:

  • Bowling – age 3 and up*
  • Movies- age 3 and up*
  • Swimming- age 3 and up*
  • Rail trail – all ages*
  • Children’s Discovery Museum- all ages*
  • Park- all ages

*means a parent fee

For the costly trips I will ask parents to pay for them, I will give each parent a note at the week before with the activities, and outings, plus a list of costs. If a parent does not pay for the trip than the child will stay at the facility with the other children who will not be attending the outing. During vacation weeks and summer vacations I will try to do an outing with the school age children once a week.