Hallowell, Maine

-1-0 Healthy Eating and Physical Activity

Our program is committed to helping raise a healthier generation of children. The teachers and staff at Room to Bloom and Rollins Family Childcare has made it our policy to follow the five Let’s Go! priority strategies for healthy eating and physical activity.

  1. We limit unhealthy choices* for snacks and celebrations.
  2. We limit sugar drinks.**
  3. We prohibit the use of food as a reward.
  4. We provide opportunities for physical activity every day.
  5. We limit recreational screen time.
  • Unhealthy choices include foods and drinks high in sugar and/or salt such as soda, candy, cookies, cake and chips.
  • Sugary drinks include juices (including 100% fruit juice), soda, sports drinks, energy drinks, lemonade and sweetened coffee or tea drinks.