Hallowell, Maine

Water and Water Bottles


Water is always available to the children. We believe that children are able to thrive when their basic needs are being met and one of them is staying hydrated. Please help us by providing you child with a water bottle which they are allowed access to at all times.

We are part of the Maine Drinking Water Program and we have our water checked monthly. If you ever have questions regarding our water treatment system please ask Kevin Rollins. In the event we don’t have running water the center will have to close and parents will be notified immediately.

In the event that water is not available the following must be completed:

  • Call Kevin Rollins
  • Call a Plumber
  • Call Licensing

Bottled water is always available on site, it is located in the apartment complex to the left of the main entrance.

Water bottles

Water bottles will be cleaned every Friday afternoon as well as when needed. Examples of when needed will be when another child drinks from a cup, when a child is sick, when the child gets food on it, etc.

Infants (6 weeks to a year): Parents are welcome to provide any type of water bottle, this is a learning period and we feel like it is very important for children to have a similar cup to home as well as the bottle they have been drinking from. Please see your infants teacher if you have any questions or concerns.

1 year to 3 year olds and under: Parents must provide a package of take and toss cups. These cups are the easiest to clean. They retail for less than $3 for 4. Please find the images of these cups pictured below. In the event a package of cups is not provided to the center, the classroom teacher will provide the child with a cup and then the parents will be billed for $2.00.

3 years to 12 years: Please provide a water bottle that is dishwasher safe.  Water bottles that we have been successful with in the past are Tupperware brand and Nalgene brand.