Hallowell, Maine

Meals and Snacks

The following meals will be provided by the childcare: Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack. RFC LLC and RTB ELCC are part of the CACFP. Staff are required to document children in attendance and the meals that they receive while in attendance.  The meals provided follow the Adult and Child care food program, details can be found at USDA Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Infants will be fed on demand, and they will be held while bottle-feeding unless they can hold their own bottle. You, the parents are responsible for providing the formula.

RFC LLC and RTB ELCC will post a menu every week. If your child does not like what is scheduled for the meal and will not eat, then parents are responsible for sending in an alternate meal. There is only one menu planned and that will be followed. No exceptions.

Parents are responsible for providing a water bottle for their children that is dishwasher safe, which will allow them to have access to water at all times.