Hallowell, Maine

Infant - 6 Weeks to 1 Year

Welcome to the Blooming Blossoms Classroom 

Infant - 6 weeks to 1 year 

Our ratio in this room is 1:4 meaning 1 teacher to every 4 infants.

From the moment your bundle of joy was born up to now, abundant growth has occurred. In the first three years of a human’s life, the brain experiences the highest amount of development as compared to any other years. Here in the Infant Room at Room to Bloom, our program ensures that your infant gets the most out of this growth period.  

We acknowledge that creating a trusting relationship between your little one and the teachers in this room is highly important. We strive to make it a smooth transition for your child as they go from home to school and vise versa. In order for this to work, we invite you to participate in the transition period of up to one month in order to make that smooth transition. We encourage you to visit the infant room to observe the daily routine and experiences that your child has here at Room to Bloom.

Two major developments will begin for your infants, individuality and personality. We recognize that each baby is unique and has an individualized schedule that we will follow. As they get older we will work on merging them into a daily schedule that corresponds with the older infants in the room.

 Nutrition and hygiene are two significant aspects of a child’s life. In the Infant room, we look to you to provide guidance on when and how to meet the needs of your infant regarding food and nutrition. As the baby gets older and begins to eat table food, you are provided with the options that Room to Bloom offers and you have the ability to make their own decision regarding what your baby will eat. As your child’s diet begins to increase in variety we will continue to expand the diet in our nutritional setting as well. The Room to Bloom menu is full of healthy and nutritional options that will help feed your growing ones hungry mind. All types of diapers are accepted at Room to Bloom including cloth diapers and cloth wipes. We ask that you provide the diapers and wipes.

Our educational program strives to work on your infant’s key developmental milestones. Room to Bloom follows the guidelines for Supporting Maine’s Infants and Toddlers. It includes but not limited to:

  • Physical Developments (tummy time, pulling themselves up, etc)

  • Social Skills (Familiar Faces)

  • Sensory (eating, tactile books, baby toys)

  • Fine Motor Skills (picking up small objects)

  • Sign Language

  • Free Play

  • Language Development

  • Emotional Development (Relationships)

  • Reading

  • Music


Communication between the teachers of the Infant Room and you is crucial. We invite the you to stay in contact with the teachers in the Infant Room as often as you’d like, if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us. We look forward to meeting your little wonder and watch your infant develop a curious mind.

"Sometimes the littlest things take up the most room in your heart." -  Winnie the Pooh